5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Chanel

Chanel has six seasons or collections in a year. That means you can expect new items just about every two months. Also, their seasons are staggered and don’t line up with what we think about in terms of seasons, so you might be looking for something fun for summer in July, but they will have already moved on to pre-fall items. Their seasons start with the year and the corresponding letter for the season. For example, during the time of writing this, 19K is just launching in September 2019.

Mid January – March || P – Printemps or Spring Act I

Mid March – June || S – Summer or Spring Act II

Late May – September || A – Autumn / Prefall or Metiers D’Arts

Mid June – October || B – Fall/Winter Act I

Late August – November || K – Fall/Winter Act II

Early November – January || C – Cruise

**All these months are approximate. Some collections are released earlier in certain countries and some collections can still be found past the dates above.

All classic pieces from Chanel will always have REV on the tags for the item. Classic items are exceptions to the seasons listed above. These are items that they will bring back, maybe not every season, but will continue to stock. For example, the classic flaps in black lambskin and caviar will have REV on the tags; a classic flap in a seasonal color (even a beige or red which people consider as classic colors), will not. Same applies to accessories like earrings and shoes.

Chanel does not have official names for their bags. Its a mystery of how bags even get their names, but I have talked to all of my sales associates and they have said that the company does not have official names for the bags in their system. So if you walk into a store and ask for a business affinity or coco handle, those names aren’t the names of the bags in their system.

Lambskin vs. Caviar. In different countries, there is a higher demand for certain types of leather. Here in the US, many women prefer the caviar leather to lambskin for its durability and structure. But in France, many women prefer lambskin since it showcases the buttery soft leather and like how lambskin ages. Also, at one point, lambskin was more expensive than caviar. But after the demand for caviar bags increased, Chanel started to even out the price and nowadays, the price of both leathers are the same.

Chanel does sales. Now, before I get anyone’s hopes up too high, their sales have been infrequent these past years, and only seasonal items are included. Before, their sales fell around the same time as the designer sales that usually happen twice a year: end of spring summer and end of fall/winter. Usually only accessories, like shoes and jewelry go on sale while handbags and small leather goods do not. If you were eyeing a seasonal piece and can wait until the end of the season, there is a chance you could get that item for less.

Let me know down below if you knew these things about Chanel already or leave a comment with a fun fact you know about Chanel!

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