Chanel Costume Jewelry Collection and Care

When it comes to luxury costume jewelry, I actually don’t have many pieces. This is mostly due to the fact that I prefer my jewelry to be sentimental pieces and those are usually gifted. I still treasure a gold ring my mom gave me in high school that was from her wedding day. Also, I don’t personally value designer costume jewelry pieces since they’re not made of precious metals, stones or gems. In fact, I would much rather put that money towards a bag or a quality piece of jewelry. That being said, I still like having a small and curated collection of costume jewelry.

The pieces I do own are mostly from Chanel and are all classic and timeless pieces. I don’t go for the themed, seasonal items. I don’t ever go for something that I know is different and trendy. And I don’t go for the ones that I love now, but know I won’t love when I’m older. I get that costume jewelry is meant to be fun. But for luxury costume jewelry from designer houses, they don’t come cheap either. Also, I like to take into account the resale value of items and costume jewelry doesn’t really hold value; only certain pieces retain their value. This is why I still prefer to spend my money on classic and timeless pieces. In my mind, if I am going to be spending that kind of money on jewelry, I want to be able to wear it for a long time. And usually classic pieces tend to have better resale value in the second hand market compared to trendier items.

My first pair of Chanel earrings I got was from my home boutique in San Francisco. I was there making my first purchase back in the States (I had only purchased pieces abroad in Europe up to this point) and decided to also pick up a pair of the classic mini gold studs with crystals. Yes, they were picked up on a whim and I wish I had at least gone home and thought about it. But I still love them and they have held up well, even though I have read some about some people having crystals or stones falling out.

My next costume jewelry purchase from Chanel was the silver crystal brooch that has been around for seasons. I was coming back from Hong Kong and stopped in the boutique at the airport to take a look around. I had really wanted a brooch that I could wear with my denim jackets, blazers and coats and this caught my eye in the display. This brooch catches the light beautifully and while I normally prefer gold-toned jewelry, I didn’t really mind the shiny silver.

My next pair of earrings is actually my most recent purchase. I was in Las Vegas for work and popped into the boutique at the Bellagio Hotel on my first night exploring the strip. I saw these earrings and immediately drawn to how simple yet elegant they were with the pearl and crystal detail. A couple days later, I decided to treat myself to them for how hard I had been working and for hitting a milestone at work.

Costume Jewelry Care

I have always consulted my Chanel sales associates on the best way to take care of my purchases and they have told for me costume jewelry pieces, it is best to take them off when showering, exercising and working out and sleeping. Since these are only costume jewelry, the metal coating will eventually tarnish if not properly looked after and stones are prone to fall out since they are only glued on. All of them have said there is a limited time warranty of two years on their costume jewelry, so if anything were to happen that is not normal wear and tear in that time, Chanel would be happy to take a look at them.

I walk the line between the mindset of “things are meant to be used” and “these are expensive and need to be taken care of”. I don’t think about my jewelry when I wear it out for the day. But upon coming home, I usually will take them off and wipe down the posts. It does happen occasionally where I forget to take my earrings out. I don’t freak out or beat myself up about it though. One time, I suddenly woke myself up from a nap one time because I remembered I still had my earrings in, and then proceeded to fall right back asleep.

Let me know what your thoughts on high end costume jewelry are. Do you buy costume jewelry? What are your experiences with it? If you were to have one piece, what would it be?


  • T.nobility

    I love Chanel earrings. Other brands makes my ear itchy but I’m not sure what Chanel uses for the metal, I’m ok with Chanel. It holds value for sure and I’ve never had issues that crystal falls out so far since 2010 model!

    • helenytang

      Glad to hear your’s have been holding up well and work so well for you! There are definitely mixed reviews when it comes to Chanel costume jewelry with stones, but I love mine and have had no issues. Thanks for reading!

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