London Wishlist 2019

Hello guys! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I am so sorry that I’ve been gone; work has been super busy this month, so I have been more of a potato lately on the weekends and trying to enjoy spending time with family and friends. But I’m also working on a review that will hopefully be going up after this post very soon!

I wanted to quickly pop on and share my wishlist for my trip to London later in November. Since there is a decent VAT refund for shoppers in the UK and EU, I’ve been thinking about taking advantage of the refund and maybe getting some things I have been eyeing. I haven’t really taken the time to sit down and make a list, so I thought this would be a good exercise to do so and also share with you guys my ever changing wishlist.

That being said, I always want to be thoughtful about my purchases and make sure I am spending my money in the best way possible for myself. These are all items I have been thinking or thought about, but that does not mean I intend to buy every single item on this list. I have been trying to approach shopping more thoughtfully, and while it is quite tempting to go crazy with all the savings to be had, I have to remind myself I am still spending money purchasing everything.

With that caveat, here they are in no particular order (even though they’re numbered).

1. Chanel Mini Coco Handle

Let’s be real. I don’t need another bag. But if I was going to get one, it would probably be the Coco Handle. The Coco Handle has been around for a couple years now and has been on and off my wishlist throughout the years. Originally I wanted the small size, but now I think the mini size is super adorable. I think I might want to get this in chevron. since most of my bags are quilted. My ideal combination would be black chevron with gold hardware, but I also recently fell in love with the iridescent white with shiny silver hardware that came out for Chanel 19K.

The white iridescent mini Coco Handle I saw during my last trip to the boutique

2. Mulberry Micro Seaton in Black Croc

This caught my eye immediately on Net-A-Porter when it came out two years ago. This bag is so cute in the micro size (very dinky), and looks very Kelly-esque. And the mock-croc fits in with this season’s animal frenzy, but will also age beautifully. And the price isn’t bad. If I can find this, it very well might be coming home with me.

Instagram via @luxytheory

3. Dior Walk’n’Dior White Canvas Sneakers

I never thought of myself as a sneaker person, but after wearing my Converse I got in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale two years ago non-stop, these Walk’n’Dior sneakers are the upgraded version, right? I have tried these on a couple times and thought they were darling. But my boyfriend says that they look like glorified Converse (and that he would buy me Converse for the rest of my life if I don’t go for these), and might have convinced me that these just aren’t worth it. I’m on the fence about these now, but I do think they are super cute and know a white sneaker would be well loved and used in my closet.

Instagram via @happybaggage

4. Dior Rose Des Vents XS Earring

Recently, after a visit to the Dior boutique to have a chat with my lovely client advisor, she reignited my love for the Rose Des Vents collection. I first saw Victoria from In The Frow talk about these on her YouTube channel, and I fell in love with the design and meaning behind the collection. It is part of Dior’s fine jewelry collection, so definitely more than what costume jewelry would cost. But also extremely beautiful and delicate and something I know I would get the wear out of. I think the rose gold with the mother of pearl is simply stunning. And in the extra small size? So dainty and right up my alley. It is for a single earring, which is kind of making me really think about this purchase. I don’t tend to mix and match my earrings, so I would definitely have to buy this as a pair (which means even more $$$)


5. Hermes Belt

I am really starting to reach for things here, and I’m not entirely sure if I should have added this to the list (or items to follow), but I have been wanting a belt that I can wear as a regular belt and waist belt. I do like the signature “H” belt Hermes has, but I think the Kelly and Rivale belt are also beautiful. Bonus if they come with rose gold hardware! Again, I am not completely sure about this one, so we’ll see if I remember to ask about it or even check out Hermes while I’m there. I don’t usually wear a belt, but I do think they can help bring together a look and make everything look more polished.

6. Hermes CSGM Scarf

I have been really enjoying my washable silk scarves and want to look into getting something bigger and heavier weight for autumn and winter. I have gone into different boutiques to take a look at their 140 x 140cm scarves that are cashmere and silk blend (on The Purse Forum, all the ladies refer to these as CSGM which I am guessing stands for cashmere silk GM size), but they all tend to be super loud and colorful. And me, the ever neutral wearing girl at heart, have really struggled to find anything that is subdued and not as print heavy. I know that Hermes is known for their intricate and vivid designs, but knowing myself as well, I won’t ever get the wear out of something bright and bold. So if I find a neutral scarf, it might be coming home with me.

7. Louis Vuitton Keepall 45

If I was reaching before, I’m literally pulling this out of thin air. I had thought about getting the Keepall when I first started my job because I was traveling so much. At the time, it would have been a good purchase since I was on the go a lot, practically living out of a suitcase for months. But now that my traveling for work has slowed down, I’m not saying it would be the worst purchase, but it probably wouldn’t get enough use for me to justify having it. I do still travel quite often, but I think that maybe the money for it would be better spent on something else. I still do think that out of all the travel pieces, this one would be the most practical for me. I would consider getting this in the Macassar leather, that way if my BF ever wants to share, we could both use it.

Instagram via @alyssa.lenore

And that’s it. I would say that realistically I only have 3-4 things I would actually get, but I also don’t plan on doing too much shopping so we’ll see what I actually come home with.

Let me know what you think of this list and what’s on your wishlist lately!

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