2020 Luxury Wishlist

Hi guys! Happy New Year! I just wanted to first wish you all a happy and healthy 2020. I hope that this year is off to a great start already.

I’m going to be sharing my luxury wishlist for 2020. My wishlist is always changing, but I’m finding myself having less things on it year after year (which is a great thing for my wallet). These are items that I have been thinking about for at least the last couple months, so its safe to say they are on the wishlist for now.

Dior Walk’n’Dior Sneakers

I’ve mentioned these in my previous London Wishlist. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find them in London. But these are still on my list. I actually ordered some leather Converse over Black Friday to hold myself off from getting these, but the sizing was off and they just didn’t do them for me. I’m going to try to see if I can find these while on my trip to Hawaii later this year (I’ve heard Dior is cheaper there).

Chanel Vanity Case

I know what you’re thinking. “Helen, another vanity case?!” Yes. I have gotten so much wear out of my beige one and have always wanted the beige and black one. I know I get the use out of my vanity case now, so I thought adding another one in the classic beige/black combination would finish off my Chanel collection perfectly. Yes, you heard it here first. This might be my last Chanel bag.

I will say though, while I am really hoping to get another vanity case, a part of me feels like this is just too redundant and maybe should just look for another bag in beige and black. So maybe if I don’t love it upon first sight, I’ll try to see if I can find the filigree flap in the beige and black.

Dior Small Book Tote

After seeing the small book tote pop up on Instagram and learning that it was a Japan exclusive, I kind of let the idea of owning one go. But after learning it was coming to the US in the beginning of 2020 and seeing it in this gorgeous gray color, this is firmly on the list. I wasn’t originally a fan of the book tote, mainly because of the size. But I think this shrunken down version is much more practical and will be a great alternative to my Neverfull.

Via shopgirl bb on Purseforum

Hermes Oran Sandals

This year is the year of duplicates. I already have a pair of gold Oran sandals in my collection (thanks to my Instagram bud turned real life bud @frivolousspending) that I have worn so so much in 2019. I have been eyeing a pair in either black or the stitched ones in gold or blanc. Yes, I am obsessed with these sandals and want to own them in every (neutral) color now as they are the perfect spring/summer sandal for me.

Hermes Picotin 18

I never really vibe-ed with any of the bags of Hermes, but I tried on the Picotin on a whim and thought it was a really cute and understated bucket bag. The Picotin comes with palladium hardware more commonly, but I’ve seen it with gold hardware. My dream combination would be gold (Hermes’s brown) with gold hardware in the smallest size. So dinky and cute and the perfect size for a handheld bag.

Modeling the Picotin 18; would look so good in a brighter color (and by color I mean neutral)

Van Cleef & Arpels Guilloche Vintage Alhambra Earrings

I never thought I would be into fine jewelry, but here were are at the beginning of the year and I find myself gravitating towards jewelry and shoes instead of bags. I have fallen in love with these earrings since seeing them pop up in an Instagram post. Van Cleef is very well recognized in the fine jewelry world for their alhambra four leaf clover motif. I actually really like the white mother of pearl with the gold, but I also feel it has become a bit saturated over the years. These guilloche ones are completely gold and shine from every angle. I think these would be such great earrings for days I’m feeling extra sparkly or fancier occasions. The only thing that makes me hesitant is the price tag, so I would definitely try to find these preloved as well.


Hermes Kelly 25/28 or Birkin 25

Yes, I said it. A coveted Hermes Birkin or Kelly. This is the last thing on my list because I know this possibilities of getting this are slim to none as I have more pressing financial goals and a whole bunch of things on my list already. If anything, this is really a lifetime wishlist. To be offered any bag from the back room of Hermes is already an amazing feat. But if I was offered a bag, I would really want a Kelly 25/28 in Gris Tortourelle with gold hardware or a Birkin 25 in Gris Tortourelle with rose gold hardware. Just putting it out there in the universe.

Instagram via @mel_inmelbourne with her beautiful Baby B in Gris T

I’m really putting everything out into the universe this year. I don’t usually advertise what is on my wishlist, as it does change. But I figured I would just include things that have been staying on lately and put it out there in the universe (hello, law of attraction). And also keep myself accountable and not get carried away. Let me know what you’re eyeing this year and if you have any of these items, I would love to hear your thoughts on them!

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