An Unexpected Reveal: My First Hermes Bag

You might have already seen my reveal on Instagram (@helenytang), but if you haven’t, I’m revealing my first purchase of 2020. Yup, that quick. I feel like I always get so lucky in January (I purchase my Vanity Case this time last year as well!).

Revealing my first Hermes bag: the Picotin 18 in gold Maurice leather and gold hardware.

Oh hello there!

How I Scored My Picotin

The hours after putting out my 2020 luxury wishlist, I was perusing the Hermes website and noticed they had stocked a whole bunch of Picotins in size 18 and 22. In the 18 size, they had a couple very different color options like rouge de couer and bleu nuit. Against my better judgement – and what I had said – I thought I would try out the bleu nuit, which is a beautiful dark, midnight blue. So I placed it in cart and it immediately sold out.

When I went back to the page, I noticed a new Picotin pop up: a gold with gold hardware. I stopped for about a second and checked out as fast as I could. The whole time I was so nervous that it was going to go out of stock. Things on go fast and usually they stock one or two quantities of an item. I felt like I was holding my breath until I got to the confirmation page.

The Specs On My Picotin

Since I was so quick to pull the trigger on this, I literally did not read the product description at all. My brain being in panic/performance mode, I just typed as quickly as I could to check out. After confirming the purchase, I went back to read all the specs on my new bag.

My Picotin 18 is in gold Maurice leather with gold hardware. Many would consider this a unicorn combination from Hermes. This is a harder to find combination on the Picotin because Picotins usually come with palladium hardware (Hermes’ answer to shiny silver). Maurice leather is also something new from Hermes and not typically done in the Picotin (they usually come in Clemence leather). Maurice has a fine and matte grain, and is a more structured leather in comparison to Clemence.

Initial Thoughts

I was a bit skeptical about how much I would actually use the bag because it is a top handle only bag and I much prefer having a crossbody or shoulder bag so I can have my hands free. But surprisingly, I have been grabbing this bag all the time lately. It is definitely more cumbersome than other bags because it has to be hand carried or carried on the arm, but I have been enjoying it otherwise.

Also surprisingly, this bag fits a ton. I took it on a weekend trip as my sole bag and it carried a compact wallet, my key holder, card holder, phone, car keys, lip balm, sunglasses and even a water bottle at one point. This bag is deceptively bag for its size. It looks dinky, but really is a small black hole. I even managed to sneak a whole pack of Tim Tams in there (the equivalent to a box of Girl Scout cookies).

All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase and can’t wait to keep using it come spring and summer, which I know will be a favorite already. I can picture it now, the Picotin with a breezy sundress and Oran sandals would be such a perfect summer vacation outfit (that I can hopefully wear sooner rather than later here in the Bay Area!).

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