Why I Am Done with Chanel

Yes. I said it. I’m done with buying classic bags from Chanel.

There are whispers shouts in the luxury community that there is going to be a price increase at the end of October / beginning of November on the classic flap, boy bag, reissue and potentially SLGs. All of the sales associates I work with and have met have also been telling me that prices are going up right before the holidays, so these aren’t just rumors that are going around.

All around The Purse Forum, Purse Bop and Instagram, people are speculating that the prices of the classic flaps will increase by at least $500. With a $500+ increase, the jumbo flap will be nearly $7000, and will definitely be over that mark after taxes. If there is a price increase, this will be the third one in two years on classic flaps (if I am remembering that correctly). See the chart for the (estimated) prices of the classic flaps before and after the increase.

Price Before 10/31/2019Price After 10/31/2019 (speculation)
Small Classic Flap$5100$5600
Medium/Large Classic Flap$5600$6200
Jumbo Classic Flap$6200$6700

**These are all just guess-timates and speculated increases for the US. These are not the official prices of the classic flaps

While it is normal for fashion houses to increase their prices from time to time, I am finding that Chanel keeps upping their prices by at least 10% every year (which is way over the rate of inflation). Personally, these rising costs make it harder to justify purchasing, and this last round has really turned me off from purchasing a classic flap in the future because I think these price increases says more about their principles.

And I say all of this with a heavy heart. I love Chanel. I love the spirit of the brand. I love their designs. I am fascinated with their history and heritage. Chanel was and will always be my first love of luxury. And I’m really sad it’s not going to work out.

Recently, I’ve noticed that a lot more bags have defects and don’t meet the standards of what I think a luxury bag should be. On seasonal bags, Chanel have already started cutting corners by changing the interior lining to fabric, using different types of leather that either don’t feel as luxe, and not checking for quality as strict as they should be with crooked flaps, stitching that doesn’t line up or even misshapen bags. On classic flaps, I also feel the quality has come down. When I was buying my dark beige classic flap a year and a half ago, I went through all of my store’s inventory because I felt that most of the ones I had looked at either had wonky flaps or the stitching didn’t line up. With the price increase, I don’t feel any of the funds are going towards maintaining the quality of their handbags.

I want to preface this next section with the fact that I understand to keep up with the economy, naturally things just get more expensive. I understand first had that inflation is normal. But while the rate of inflation averages around 2% every year, the prices of these bags are consistently increasing by around 10% and I don’t think the extra money they are getting on these bags are going into the development of Chanel’s goods and services. I have had sales associates try to pass off defective bags as “handmade” or “normal to not be perfect”. For a luxury house to say that and still expect a higher price on these items is just down right wrong. That’s what consumers are paying money for in the first place: quality. And if still the cost is rising but quality is not, then why are we supposed to be paying more money for items that just aren’t keeping up?

With the way things are going, I will definitely not be purchasing anymore classic bags from the boutique because it is way too expensive and more than I would like to pay for a handbag (at this quality). As much as I love Chanel, I draw the line here on my purchases. I will continue to love and admire the brand, but will not own anymore classic bags here on out. I am happy and grateful that I got all of the bags I wanted before this price increase. But I am bummed out because other people who will be purchasing from them will be paying these even higher prices that I personally don’t feel is warranted.

For those of you who own Chanel, what do you think about the price increase? And for those of you who are yet to own one, how might this affect your decision to purchase one in the future (does this change your mind? are you okay with the price increase?).

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