Why You Should Consider Purchasing Preloved Luxury Items

It’s 2019 and if you haven’t thought about purchasing preloved, I think you need to dip your toes in. Because in my opinion, preloved is just as good as buying new. Yes, it might entail some well-loved item from 20-30 years ago that is no longer on-trend or desirable (for now), but it also includes amazing pieces that are current season piece that have only been used once or twice. Or better yet, something that is only lightly used and still has years of life left that comes at an even better discount. Either way, purchasing second-hand should be higher on your list if you’ve never considered it or think its not for you.

Often, there are savings when purchasing from the preloved market.

The number one reason why I purchase preloved. Often times I find that I can get items for less on the preloved market (there are some exceptions though). These aren’t just items that have been well-loved or damaged, but even items in excellent condition or brand new items that have never been used. This is a great option for those who still want to own a piece of luxury but don’t necessarily have the means to purchase it brand new from the store.

Keep in mind though that the condition will affect price. Something that has been well-loved will be significantly less than what it is retail. But there are some exceptions to this, as some amazing deals do pop up here and there. Also, this is a great way to get a piece that you want within your budget.

When I first started off buying luxury, I mostly bought things second-hand because that’s really what I could afford. I really wanted a classic flap to add to my collection, but with the price increases and the eye-watering price tag, it seemed impossible at the time. Luckily, I came across a beautiful 14 series flap with all the specifications I wanted (black caviar and gold hardware) and I lucked out with getting it at an amazing price.

You can find discontinued items or ones from past seasons.

For seasonal items, once the season is over or it sells out and is discontinued, a luxury store will no longer produce that specific item. So the chances of getting it from the boutique are slim and would really require you to hunt for the item. Going to the preloved market is really the only option of finding it, especially if its been a couple seasons since its release.

The Chanel light gold (or as a lot of people refer to it, rose gold) chevron caviar pieces sold out almost instantly when it came out and Chanel does not ever release that same color other than their classic colors for more than one season. The only way to get your hands on these pieces is to find them on the preloved market, even if they do sell for a premium.

I purchased a pink Chanel flap as seen on Chase Amie on YouTube. It came out back in 2003-2004 as a seasonal piece and is no longer produced by Chanel. I knew the only way I could get it was on the preloved market and thankfully I was able to find one for an amazing price.

My pink Chanel flap and black caviar classic flap were both purchased preloved

Vintage is in.

Fashion is cyclical. Trends and fads tend to come in and out of style. And it has been prevalent in fashion seemingly all throughout 2019. For example, the Dior oblique pattern was brought back with the Dior saddle bag that was popular years ago. Chanel release a round vanity case that was literally the exact same of a makeup toiletry case, just with a strap. I have seen these vintage styles still floating around in the preloved market and its a great way to be on trend without breaking the bank.

In the 1990s, Chanel released a bag that was popularized by Princess Diana and is now called the “Diana flap” by lots of people. This bag is beautiful and I would love to own one in my collection one day, and it would be even better if it came from the same year I was born (so we can both age at the same time!).

Preloved is becoming more and more accessible.

With online retailers like Fashionphile, Yoogi’s Closet, Ann’s Fabulous Finds, The RealReal, and Rebag (and there are so many more that I can name), shopping second-hand has never been easier. They have new arrivals every day and even authenticate the items for you, so you can have peace of mind when purchasing anything from them. The best part is that most of these places have a grace period for you to either return or exchange the item for store credit. That means you can try on the items at home and return them if you decide that it’s actually not for you.

You can minimize the losses (or even make money) on your luxury items.

My other reason for purchasing items preloved: reselling and minimizing losses. I do tend to buy bags pretty often. But I can’t always keep buying new things without selling a couple of things first. Inevitably, as with any used item, it will usually sell for less than what you bough it for. But with some items, their resale prices can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars different than their retail price.

For example, I purchased my Capucines BB in like-new condition for $1,000+ less than retail. Yes, more than $1,000. It still has the stickers on the hardware inside the bag. When I decide to sell this bag, I won’t have to lose that much money on it because I had already bought it second-hand a a lower price.

It’s more sustainable for the environment

It’s more important now more than ever to think about sustainability and how our decisions are affecting the planet. Resources are limited and we should not be wasting things that can be allocated for something else. Buying preloved is a great way to help the environment because it helps us recycle and reuse things that we already have.

I am a big proponent of shopping preloved. In fact, a good portion of my handbags are from the preloved market: almost half of my luxury bags and almost all of my luxury shoes are second-hand. For me, I find it is a good way to balance my funds for something that I love, since I don’t have the budget or necessarily want to be spending that kind of money on luxury items all the time. I also don’t have all the funds to be buying brand new from the store all the time. Preloved is a means for me personally to purchase smarter and better and I hope this encourages you to look into it and maybe even try it.

With all preloved purchases, I highly advise everyone to make sure their item is authentic and to get things authenticated. Nowadays, this can be done easily and quickly; some authentication services can give a verbal confirmation within an hour!

Let me know your thoughts about purchasing preloved! Is it for you? What have you bought preloved? What was your experience? Should I do another post on how I personally go about when I’m trying to buy something preloved?

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